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staggering liberal renascence of Spain. It is
the Roman Catholic influence the British and
French have to thank, for the fantastic blundering
that involved them in the defence of the impossible
Polish state and its unrighteous acquisitions ; it
affected British policy in respect to Austria and
Czechoslovakia profoundly, and now it is doing
its utmost to maintain and develop a political
estrangement between Russia and the Western
world by its prejudiced exacerbation of the idea
that Russia is " anti-God "* while we Westerners
are little children of the light, gallantly fighting
on the side of the Cross, Omnipotence, Greater
Poland, national sovereignty, the small un-
economic prolific farmer and shopkeeper and
anything else you like to imagine constitutes
" Christendom ".
The Vatican strives perpetually to develop the
present war into a religious war. It is trying to
steal the war. By all the circumstances of its
training it is unteachable. It knows no better.
It will go on—until some economic revolution
robs it of its funds. Then as a political influence
it may evaporate very rapidly. The Anglican
Church and many other Protestant sects, the
wealthy Baptists, for example, follow suit.
It is not only in British affairs that this propa-
ganda goes on. With the onset of war France